Microsoft fires game tester for going on record


Recently VentureBeat did an exhaustive exposé on Microsoft’s console crashing woes, talking with several employees about the RRoD and other issues the system had had. While they spoke with a decent number of Microsoft employees and insiders only one went on the record, a game tester named Robert Delaware. Delaware has now been fired from his contract based position at Microsoft over the article, VentureBeat is reporting. He may also be facing civil charges from Microsoft which I would safely assume a giant corporation like Microsoft can afford while a temp working for out of a company called Excell Data can not.

Delaware, who was quoted in the VentureBeat article about two seperate ways the 360 can crash, isn’t too worried though. “If they want to come after me, bring it on,” he said. Brave words for a man about to face a civil suit that is probalby totally justified. VentureBeat says that he probably broke many terms of his contract not only with Microsoft but with Excell Data too, meaning his firing was justified and civil charges most likely are too.