Interview / Young Dre The Truth

We’re back! A little quicker than last time too. Yes, Music in Games is back and this time we sat down and spoke with Young Dre The Truth off of EA’s Artwerk record label. His song Workin’, which features Madden alums Good Charlotte, is on the Madden soundtrack this year and he is working on an EP with Artwerk that will feature some of his song that will be appearing in a variety of games. He also knows his videogame football history, going all the back to Ten Yard Fights.

More interesting though are his views on how the gaming industry and music industry are coming together and how important it is for the music industry to find new outlets and artists. Or maybe the most interesting thing is the divergence between quality of his favorite Madden teams. Find out for yourself.

Matthew Razak (TVGB): Let’s start at the beginning. How did you get involved in music?

Young Dre The Truth (YD): Initially I guess just the start of wanting to be involved with rapping in general. Being in a poetry class in elementary school and of course rap was the dominating music and my teacher just encouraged me. I think after that I knew I wanted to rap.

TVGB: What does it feel like to be in Madden?

YD: It’s monumental. It’s off the top. Of course it’s an honor and Madden has really become culture. We can’t go a year without playing Madden. I can’t remember a year since 92 that I haven’t played Madden so it is obviously really a huge thing for me.

TVGB: You’ve been playing Madden all this time?

YD: Of course man, I’ve been playing all that time. That was it, we came from growing up playing Ten Yard Fights to Tecmo Bowl to Madden and once that came there was no other game that even existed.

TVGB: Have you been seeing an increase in interest in your music thanks to being in Madden?

YD: It’s like a major platform so of course more people off the top are becoming familiar, the best is the people who knew me before and for them it was the cherry on the top. I’ve definitely seen a change in my audience numbers by all means.

TVGB: How is working with Artwerk, a company unique in the fact that they work both in the gaming and music worlds?

YD: It’s definitely been a unique experience in general. It’s unconventional over here, I love establishing it and they have a great platform for trying new things. These times, you know, with music going down a bit, they found a way to come in through another door with music and I’m happy to be a part of it.

TVGB: Do you think this new approach will help the music scene?

YD: I definitely think so. I don’t think the game is dying or dead I just think people are fed up with the BS. I think the artist and people in it aren’t as unique as back in the day. I think people gravitate towards unique music more. People are more in tune now and they can’t just put music on TV and that’s what’s hot. Back in the day there was great music coming out of labels and now it’s more cookie cutter. I think places like Artwerk are being more particular in finding uniqueness.

TVGB: What do you think separates your music, like Workin’ in Madden from the rest?

YD: Off the top, it is a genre bending song. Second of all my songs are the truth, we speak our hearts which seems more rare these days. It’s all real it’s just a journey from one situation to triumph. It’s genre bending and the truth and something I don’t think people have ever heard before.

TVGB: What makes it genre bending?

YD: It’s everything. I’ve created a new sound with Dead Executive, and Dead Execs is BJ and Joel of Good Charlotte, and they’ve come together with a sound, and bringing my authenticity, that doesn’t sound like anything else. It is just a great sound.

TVGB: What do you feel when you hear your song every time you turn on Madden?

YD: Excitement, exhilarating. It was just like a dream. It was one of my dreams come true. Years ago, me telling people I was going to have a record in there and telling people it was going to happen and some of them believing but others not. Every time I hear it it’s like Christmas – with presents, not Christmas broke.

TVGB: Where else do you want to see your music? And what are your future plans?

YD: NBA Live 09. I know I want it in there. Whatever other situation that Artwork is putting in my tab, I’m coming to make it and work it live. Whatever I get in front of me, I’m taking it and smiling and getting ready to deliver. I want to finish my record and put my EP out digitally and a few of the tracks on the games will be on the EP. I’m just trying to attack them and satisfy everyone myself. So just working, and I’ve been working my whole life.

TVGB: What’s your favorite system?

YD: 360 by far.

TVGB: 360, huh?

YD: You sound like a PS3 guy though.

TVGB: Oh no, I’m equal opportunity. Just wondering why.

YD: Oh, good, good. I like the 360 controller better and I just feel more comfortable with it. Only thing I’m interested in is on the PS3 is the Blu-ray (laughs). Microsoft better cut me a check. I think it’s a great console but I’m just 360 all out.

TVGB: So what are you playing now?

YD: I’m playing Madden non-stop. I’m playing Fight Night, Call of Duty and NBA 08. If I’m not playing with my friends then I’m not playing as much. We play after we’re done with a session and it’s those three off the top.

TVGB: Do believe the music and gaming scene are growing closer together and helping each other grow?

YD: Definitely. I think that EA and Artwerk are creating their own lane. I think the music industry needs gaming more so I don’t think they have to merge cause gaming doesn’t really need it. I see them coming together and working more closely. Like Madden, everyone in the world is submitting their artist and their bands and Madden breaks bands and it’s amazing. The answer is yes, but the videogame industry doesn’t really need the music industry.

TVGB: You talk a lot about the truth in your music, what does that mean to you?

YD: The truth. I speak the truth, I live the truth. I deal with everything very simple. One form of vision and everything. Speaking the truth as opposed to adding any extras. It has to be something true from my heart. I’m not putting myself in a fake place like Beverly Hills or on the front lines of Iraq. I’m just rapping about what’s really truthful to me.

TVGB: So you’ve heard about 50 Cent putting himself into Iraq?

YD: I think in that term, I think, you know, it’s a videogame. I think some videogames are exaggerating and a lot of other videogames aren’t. I think being a rapper and being a multimedia guy, it’s a good move for him and there could be some truth, I mean he would be over there doing a concert, but if someone attacked I’m guessing they’d get him out of there. I think it sounds like a fly idea for a videogame.

TVGB: So who have you been playing as in Madden?

YD: Lately I’ve been playing with Dallas but I’ve been playing with the Patriots and the Raiders mostly. The reason being is that the Raiders are Cali but the patriots because Randy Moss is on the team and I enjoy him shaking everyone.

TVGB: Bit of a gap in talent between the Raiders and the Patriots, huh?

YD: Well you know the Raiders are keeping it California so I like that. I enjoy playing with the Patriots, you know, they’re great.

That’s it for this Music in Games, but we’ve still got a game to give out so stay tuned for the winner to be announced. Until next month and another artist, keep on rocking.