The Conduit gets Soul Calibur IV composer

As of late hardcore fans of the Wii have been a bit let down. Sure, they’ve had their healthy dose of Metroid to quench their FPS needs, but they want something new. So when High Voltage started releasing a barrage of gameplay videos for their upcoming game, The Conduit, gamers everywhere gawked at the sight. The project looked pretty, damn pretty, for a Wii game. It had everything that could make a blockbuster shooter, except for one thing — an engaging musical score.

Well fear not, because High Voltage has announced that they have hired the talents of Diego Stocco to do the score for the game. Never heard of him? Blasphemy! The man is responsible for such impressive works on…umm…Resident Evil: Extinction, Soul Calibur IV, and…er…Crank. So that isn’t exactly an impressive list, but the mans enthusiasm should clear up any doubts.

“I’m very excited to be part of The Conduit; it’s the kind of project that makes me push the envelope in terms of sound creativity,” he said of the opportunity to work on the game.

So basically, The Conduit is going to be chock-full of ridiculously over dramatic orchestrations and techno music. It’s alright though, you can never have too much techno in a FPS.