The technology behind Bond

I think the people over at Activision know I have an insatiable craving for every bit of Bond news possible because they’re pumping these videos out faster than Hershey Kisses come out of Hershey, Pennsylvania. Now that I’ve conclusively written the worst comparison to ever grace this website, let’s move on to the new Quantum of Solace video which showcases the technology that the new Bond game will be using. More specifically the Call of Duty 4 engine.

CoD4 is awesome and its engine is awesome so when they announced that Quantum of Solace would be running on it, the only word I could think of was “awesome”. Thankfully they didn’t just sit on their laurels knowing they had a great FPS, but also added in a third-person cover and fight system to the game so that we can actually see Bond being Bond. I’m a huge fan of the third-person Bond games so I’m glad we’re getting a little bit of both worlds because as much fun as it is to be Bond, it’s even more fun to watch him. Does anyone else think that Daniel Craig is looking better than before in this new video?

So this takes care of the atmosphere and the engine, what’s next? I’m hoping it’s the ladies, because then I can use my favorite made up word of all time: breasticles.