Bond games yearly! Bond games yearly!

You may or may not know that one of my favorite things about the EA Bond games was that they came up with their own Bond plots that branched outside of the films and books. This was mostly exciting because for me, any new Bond story is a good Bond story. Sadly when EA lost the license, it didn’t seem very likely that Activision would be moving in the non-movie Bond game direction. That is until now when analyst Doug Cruetz said that “James Bond will become an annual franchise, which we had not necessarily expected given the lack of an accompanying movie next year.” With early discussions of two Bond projects going on last year and the recent confirmation (yes, I just linked to a James Bond fan site) that Activision is delivering another Bond game next year, yearly Bond games are all but a solid fact.

Woohoo! I can think of nothing better than yearly Bond games. Now I know most of you are rolling your eyes thinking of the drop in quality the games will have thanks to being rushed out every year, but I say that we should all have a little faith. I feel like Bond could be a quality yearly franchise. With minor updates ironing out last year’s problems it could work just like the movies. We get the same thing every time until the producers realize no one likes that version anymore and shake it up. It’s happened time and again in the films and it will work great for the games. So I applaud this decision because it is the right one to make. Then again, maybe I’m just a Bond fanboy.