First look at PS3 and 360 motion controller


Let me just state this right away so that you know where I’m coming from: This will fail. Now on to the news. In2Games has released images of their new motion controller for the 360 and PS3, the Gametrak Freedom. The new controller, they’re claiming without actually stating it as fact, will map the motions of a player far better than the Wii remote can, though they conveniently ignore MotionPlus. They say it uses a “proprietary and cutting-edge patent-pending ultrasonic technology to provide a true motion capture gaming experience.” The controller looks pretty nice too and should be with us by 2009, but it’s still going to fail.

It needs games and so far the only one announced for it is Squeeballs which is being made by In2Games themselves and sounds like it’ll be nothing more than a tech demo. Where’s the support for this going to come from? Think developers are going to abandon the top selling Wii and jump on board because someone released another useless peripheral? Or maybe some of those devlopers throwing millions at high end gaming experiences on the 360 and PS3 will jump into uncharted waters and back it. No, they’re designing motion control based games for the Wii because they have to, and just like almost every peripheral before it the Gametrak Freedom isn’t going to make a big splash. It wasn’t the motion controls that made developers work with them on the Wii, it was the fact that there were few other options.