Soulja Boy reviews Braid. Gamers break noses with facepalm

Have you played this game Braid? According to Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em, creator of the song Crank That (Soulja Boy), it’s “for people who smoke or people who drink … or if you just be gettin’ f***ed up.” Well don’t bother if you haven’t because “this s**t’s stupid as hell.” Yes the  Grammy-nominated (when did the Grammy’s lose all respect?) rapper has found Braid a few months late and decided to enlighten the world about the game. Not only does he inform us all about how hilarious the time rewinding ability is, but he also explains that the game has no point whatsoever.

I’ll excuse him the latter indiscretion since unlike the lyrics of Soulja’s songs Braid‘s explanation goes deeper than face value, but I’m really finding it hard to understand why rewinding the game over and over is that hilarious. I mean, sure the first time maybe you get a giggle out of it, but Mr. Tell ‘Em and his friends are on the floor laughing at it non-stop. Clearly I am out of touch with the comedic side of the hip-hop community. Here I thought that the inability to run out of “going-back-in-time potion” was clever game design, but obviously it was just a ridiculous joke to make the game pointless. How horribly we all missed the true meaning behind Jonathan Blow’s game.

The video is NSFW by the way. Sir ‘Em has a nasty mouth.