UK gets Xbox 360 price cuts, too

First Japan, then the US, now the UK. Yup, starting this Friday, September 19, Microsoft is taking its price slashing swords to the land of the soccer fans and will cut the price of the entry-level Arcade unit to an all-new low of £129.99. The 60GB unit will cost £169.99, and the 120GB Elite unit will sport a £229.99 price tag.

Neil Thompson, Senior Regional Director of Microsoft UK, comments the move: “Xbox 360 has now sold over 20 million consoles worldwide and due to its unprecedented success, we are now able to pass on the rewards of that success to the consumer with a new retail pricing from £129.99. With more games, more entertainment with Xbox LIVE and now even more value, we are looking forward to welcoming more customers into the leading Next Generation console, Xbox 360.”

Wait, did he just call the Wii non-next-gen?

The release announcing the price cuts also pimped the 360’s line-up of titles, among others highlighting exclusive titles such as Lips, You’re in the Movies, Scene It? Box Office Smash, Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts, Viva Piñata: Trouble in Paradise, Fable II, Gears of War 2, and of course the Grand Theft Auto IV DLC.