Be the first to play Gears of War 2


The upside to this story is that Microsoft and Spike TV are starting a contest that will allow some people to play through Gears of War 2 before anyone else in the world. The downside to the story is that in order to win, you’ll have to participate in reality television — on Spike TV. I’m pretty sure that just scared away a good a majority of the population but if you’re still interested, then head over to the Gears 2 website to enter into “a real-life televised Gears of War 2 adventure.” Not sure what that will be but it will involve “challenges, tough decisions and sacrifices” and feel like an alternate reality game come to life. Hopefully they avoid pumping all the participants full of steroids in order to make them look as big as Marcus Fenix.

Those interested in entering need to fill out a questionnaire and send in a photo along with a brief description of why they deserve to be in the show. Then those entries will be looked through and the most interesting people will be selected. My advice is to make it look like you are (a) slightly mentally imbalanced or (b) an attractive woman.