Finally more footage of Deadly Creatures

“No news, is good news.” Yeah, not when it comes to videogames it’s not. Here at TVGB, along with gamers everywhere, we’re always eager for updates on all the great games currently in development. This is especially true about the more hardcore Wii games (sorry, still no news on Sadness). That’s why we get excited when something like this, a behind the scenes video for Deadly Creatures comes along.

Deadly Creatures is an arachnophobe’s nightmare, casting players in the role of both a tarantula and a scorpion in a struggle to survive in a world filled with other spiders, scorpions, wasps, lizards, rattle snakes, rats and more. It’s a mixture of platforming and action with desert scenery and a “killer” monster movie vibe. As players dig and brawl with the tank-like scorpion or quickly leap around assassin style as the tarantula a very human story unfolds. Not only will other deadly creatures be a concern, but players will also have to deal with people.

The above video gives new insight into the game and how the humans come into play. It also gives us a look at the people behind the game, which in this case is a good thing. Lead designer Jordan Itkowitz even has a tarantula crawling on him, so at least we know he’s committed. Deadly Creatures looks like a great game and adds something fresh in gameplay, story and control. Sadly it looks like the game has been pushed back from a Halloween release to this December; so happy/creepy/crawly/deadly holidays to you all in advance.