New X-Blades video is revealing

What does this new trailer reveal? Well not much actually. As we learned from our hands-on time with the game it’s a basic hack and slash with some pretty graphics and magic tricks. In fact the only really revealing thing about the trailer is the amount of skin Ayumi, that barely clad woman in the game, is showing. This video seems to show a bit further into the game then we’ve seen before and it doesn’t look like Ayumi has any plans to cover up her back or front sides during any part of the game. Can’t really complain with that, now can we?

Otherwise the video doesn’t show much off except for style. There isn’t any gameplay and all we get about the plot is something about light and darkness that seems directly ripped from any Star Wars film. A little depth to the story would be greatly appreciated. Ah, who am I kidding, I’ll be playing this game just to look at it.