Podcast #002 / Electric Boogaloo

We here at That VideoGame Blog like to keep our promises. For example, the promise that we made on our very first podcast that you’d get weekly audio love, courtesy of us, from here to the end of time. Ok, that might have been a bit foolish to promise, but regardless of that we have another fantastic show for you this week.

In this week’s show, Jason, Jeremy, and myself give you all the best gaming news from the past week along with a lifetime’s worth of Mega Man nostalgia, complete with a friendly debate over the merits of Capcom’s oldest new title; Mega Man 9. This week’s musical interludes are provided by the NES powerhouse Mega Man 2. All this and more in the second episode of That VideoGame Blog.com’s Podcast!

DOWNLOAD EPISODE #002 (MP3, 63min, 58.3MB)