A new Uwe Boll, gulp, videogame?

Oh my. Uwe Boll, the movie man it’s probably safe to say most gamers strongly dislike — to put it lightly — has found a new calling. Nope, butchering good games by making crappy films about them is not it. Actually making games is.

The trailer above, which I have to say came as a total surprise, showcases 1968 Tunnel Rats, Boll’s upcoming videogame based on his movie of the same name. The game is a first-person shooter and follows a US special combat unit that is sent in to deal with Viet Cong soldiers and the extensive underground tunnel system they liked to play hide and seek in way back when Creedence Clearwater Revival was all the rave.

It’s very hard to say anything about the gameplay from this tiny teaser but the graphics do seem quite nice and up to par with what we’ve come to expect from shooters these days. Although, unless it’s just an issue with the video, the frame rate leaves something to be desired.

So how about it? Will you answer the call and become a manly tunnel rat this Fall?