CBS News takes a look at the games the kids play

We rarely report on what the big networks say about videogames since, well, they tend to be horribly wrong and focus mostly on the negative or just made up stuff — steamy blue alien porn anyone? The new owner of GameSpot, CBS, gives us a little hope however. CBS News did a few little stories recently in a segment called “Games Our Children Play,” and actually take a sober look at what games are out there besides the mainstream loved GTA franchise.

The first segment, above, goes off a new 1102-participant study that says 97% of teens these days play videogames and that 65% of them do so with a friend. The most popular genres? Racing, puzzles and sports. The clip also covers the educational potential of videogames, and finishes with a smooth ‘chill, parents’ comment.

The second clip focuses entirely on the recently released Spore, touting it as possibly the most ambitious game ever created while illustrating its ‘imagination is the limit’ appeal quite nicely.