First Cursed Mountain trailer arrives with gameplay in tow

Deep Silver came out a little while back with some great news for more mature gamers; they would be releasing a survival horror game called Cursed Mountain exclusively for the Wii in 2009. Now we get our first video for the game with some actual gameplay in it to boot. The video introduces us to Eric Simmons, with his sexy bad Scottish accent, a well known high-altitude climber who is off to rescue his younger brother who went missing searching for an ancient artifact in the Himalayan mountains.

Deep Silver has been pushing this as a graphically impressive and innovative game. From the video I’m inclined to agree with them on the second part, but possibly not the first. The spirit mode you see when the colors are inverted is an interesting take on how to deal with bad guys. Players must first enter the mode to figure out how to defeat an enemy with motion controlled attacks, which sounds like a game mechanic that lends itself well to both the Wii and the survival horror genre. However, the graphics at the moment seem a bit lacking. This is probably from an early build so no need to jump on Deep Silver yet, but hopefully they’re working on smoothing out a lot of those jagged edges and harsh corners. Remember guys this is a Wii exclusive, no need to keep the PS2 style graphics.

Any Wii owner has to be looking forward to this though. As one of the reasons that 2009 will see the Wii mature this has got be a game that everyone is keeping their eye on.