InCharge Wii remote charger: for those that really get into Wii Sports


TechnoCreations wants to help us. Who specifically? Well, they want to help people that sweat too much apparently, or just those that don’t like removing their protective Wiimote skins when charging and all Wii owners in general.

Their new Wiimote docking station dubbed “InCharge” uses an inductive charging solution instead of the usual metal contacts to charge. Over time metal contact points will get too much dirt, grime, sweat or grease on them, which will prevent the batteries from being properly charged. Not only does the InCharge get rid of this problem, but gamers also don’t need to hassle with taking off their protective Wiimote sleeves. “Simply drop the Wii remote into the cradle and it will quickly recharge for up to twenty five hours of gaming,” says Mark Kasok, TechnoCreations’ VP of Sales and Marketing. “The InCharge is the most convenient, cost-effective and technologically advanced charging station available to Wii fans.”

With so many chargers already on the market it will be interesting to see how many people buy into this one. The InCharge uses Lithium Polymer Batteries, which are 50% lighter than other chargers’ batteries, so all the more power to your swing. Now that those sweaty palms aren’t a problem it’s game on!