So Blonde arriving Sept. 26, like, duh


Normally we would skip over a press release for a game called So Blonde faster than a vegetarian avoiding a Wendy’s Bacanator, but the fact that So Blonde is an adventure game that at least appears to take some cues the classic LucasArts adventure games made us take pause. The screens for the game don’t look too bad either and give off a decidedly retro adventure game feel for some reason. Maybe it’s the hand painted backgrounds. Thus we are now telling you that the game will be available in the UK on Sept. 26 for the PC.

Now that we have intrigued all you readers out there as well, let’s give you some info on the game. Players take on the role of Sunny, a 17-year-old valley girl ripped straight from the pages of Clueless, which is a movie… so it doesn’t really have pages, but you get my point. Anyway, her ship crashes and she is stranded on an island and sucked into the past where she then must deal with pirates and nefarious wenches. See where we’re getting the LucasArts adventure game stuff from? The trailer leaves a bit to be desired voice acting wise, but also gives the general impression that the developers get the gist of how to make a decent adventure game.

Fine, so it doesn’t look like the best game ever. But other than Sam & Max, Strong Bad and the Phoenix Wright series, we’re a little starved for adventure gaming here and something that looks at least moderately decent is happily welcome. It really does kind of capture that feeling of the old adventure games though, doesn’t it? Now let’s just hope Eidos ports it over to the Wii, cause point and click on that is a dream come true.