GFW Radio off the air

Avid podcast listeners such as myself breathed a sigh of relief last April when the GFW Radio podcast continued despite the closing of its parent, Games for Windows: The Official Magazine. Now we’re just getting the wind plain knocked out of us. In a heartbreaking one-two punch, the pillars of the podcast, veteran editors Jeff Green and Shawn Elliot, have left the 1UP network. Not only is it a shame that they won’t be writing about games anymore, but as a result of their departure, GFW Radio has gone silent.

Thankfully, Green and Elliot won’t be leaving the games industry completely. Green will move on to EA, where he will work on the The Sims franchise, while Elliot will be working at BioShock developer 2K Boston. So we can still look forward to quality work from the both of them.

As for the podcast itself, let me eulogize a bit. “The Brodeo” was a hilarious podcast that, despite its name, was not terribly focused on PC games. Essentially, it was a bunch of funny guys telling ridiculous stories, and talking about games just enough to be interesting and accessible to both PC gamers and non-PC gamers alike. I, and many others, will miss it terribly. You can find the final podcast and blog post here. Check it out – it deserves a listen.

And after you’ve said goodbye to that great podcast, consider filling the void in your life with the brand-new That VideoGame Blog Podcast!