You may now begin your Life with PlayStation


In case you haven’t been home to turn on your PS3, Sony has released Life with PlayStation worldwide. Life with PlayStation, which was announced earlier this summer, is Sony’s answer to Nintendo’s Channel system. PS3 owners can now access world news and weather based on “place” or on “time”. Like Nintendo’s Weather Channel, the system is based on a 3D globe. Expect much better presentation here though, as the globe for Life is a shot of Earth with live cloud cover compliments of the University of Wisconsin-Madison Space and Engineering Center. Weather information will come from The Weather Channel and news is provided by Google News. Users can also get live footage in over 60 cities worldwide partially provided by The Earth Television Network.

In LIVE CHANNEL, the first available with Life, users can bring up a news headline and automatically be directed to an interactive page on the PlayStation browser. Sony promises to continually update this service as well as “deliver a wide variety of interactive content and channels to living rooms through network connected PS3s…” So, expect more interactive channels in the future.

To use Life with Playstation, simply try accessing [email protected] — you’ll have to go through a few updates, downloads and installs, but should be up and running in under 5 minutes.