Mega Man 9 gets three release dates

Back when the 8-bit Mega Man titles were released, you never really had to worry about multiple release dates. In fact, you never really had to worry about release dates at all since the general public generally had absolutely no idea when new games were going to land on store shelves. Well, times have changed, the console scene has changed, but Mega Man 9 ‘s graphics? No sir-ee!

With the Blue Bomber’s new title debuting on three different platforms, it seems fitting that each system would be graced with its own separate release date. In what might seem like a love letter to the Nintendo faithful, the Wii will see the first release on Monday, September 22nd. Three days later on the 25th, PlayStation 3 owners will be able to get their 8-bit fix. Then, bringing October in on a high note, the Xbox 360 will bring up the rear on Wednesday, October 1st. If everything goes as planned, we’ll have a review up shortly after release, so keep it locked here to find out if everyone’s favorite robot lives up to his own legacy. And oh, we got 35 new screenshots in the gallery as well, should you need something to pass the time.