Quantum of Solace pre-order, video and concept art fun

While not as enticing as Ubisoft’s pre-order offers, Activision announced today that anyone who pre-orders Quantum of Solace from GameStop will receive an exclusive token that will grant them access to an exclusive multiplayer map when the game is released on Nov. 4. The map is for the PS3 and 360 only, so those ordering on the Wii are out of luck unless they buy from Best Buy where pre-ordering the game on any system will net them $10 off any Bond movie, if for some odd reason you don’t own them all.

We’ve also got some new video for you focusing on level design. I’m glad they’re working in plenty of recognizable places from the films and spending some time doing it. Now that we have a cool things encountering guarantee I no longer have to be worried about the game. If you want to check out some of the concept art they’re discussing head over to the gallery. Kind of looks like Fort Knox from Goldfinger, doesn’t it?