No online create at launch for LittleBigPlanet


Due to the seemingly endless list of features that LittleBigPlanet possesses, some might have thought that something as simple as the ability to create levels online with your buddies would be included in the game at launch. However, this unfortunately is not the case. According to a forum message from a developer, this online feature will indeed not be available when the game is released on October 21 in North America (Oct. 22 in Europe, Australia & New Zealand, Oct. 24 in the UK & Ireland and Oct. 30 in Japan).

As part of a brief FAQ section on the official PlayStation forums, developer Sam_Protagonist responded to a few questions about the online create feature in LittleBigPlanet, explaining that “online create, quite simply, is the ability to use the create side of the game in an online multiplayer fashion.” On whether online create will be included in the game at launch, he wrote: “No it’s not, however it will be included in the first game update after launch. We’re working on making this available as quickly as possible, but want to make sure it’s right before releasing it.”

For some of us, it’s the ability to use LittleBigPlanet’s creative tools in an online co-op mode that makes it such an anticipated title. Although it’s slightly disappointing that we’ll have to wait to use online create, we’ll still have the ability to create levels in an offline multiplayer mode and then share them. But if you want to create levels with friends or family that live overseas, you’ll be needing a little bit of patience. Or some plane tickets.