PSN Paradise hits Thursday

Back in August, we reported that the full retail version of Burnout: Paradise would come to the Playstation Network at the bargain price of $29.99. Now, it’s imminent. Paradise will hit PSN this Thursday (as reported by Evil Avatar).

The retail version has since been reduced to the same $29.99 price point at retailers such as Amazon and Gamestop, but this is still a tremendous value. Not only is the game itself huge, but Criterion has released two free expansion packs since its release. Both the ‘Cagney’ pack, and the recently released ‘Bikes’ pack represent hours and hours of new gameplay.

Since this is the same as the retail version, obviously there’s nothing new for those who already own the game. The digital version won’t appeal to collectors and old codgers who prefer to have a physical copy of the game, either. And the retailers who are being cut out of both the initial sale and the potential to re-sell the game must be the least thrilled about this novel use of the PlayStation Network. But for lazy kids like me, who just want to push a button and have their game instantly and not worry about switching discs, this is great news.