Faking the Band 2 – Rush redux! [Sept. 23]

Faking the Band 2 is a weekly feature detailing the latest in DLC for the Rock Band platform.

Second verse, same as the first, gamers. Last August, Rush’s seminal album Moving Pictures was slated for downloadable enjoyment, but never saw the light of day, thanks to some mysterious technical difficulties. The theory floating around as to why involved “YYZ” and its groundbreaking – and apparently gamebreaking – lack of vocals.

Now, a little under a month later, it looks as if those problems have been solved. Moving Pictures is out in the digital wild today. Right now. I repeat: right now. This is not a prank! We are not pulling your fretboard on this one! Gamers can finally enjoy the instrumental brilliance and eccentric lyrics of Rush’s most successful album to date.

Of course, for those gamers burned by the delay and bottling up enough rage to fill Toronto, there’s a batch of singles out as well, each one from an artist never before seen on the Rock Band platform: punk rock legends Bad Religion, salesmen of sanctuary The Cult, indie scorchers Hot Hot Heat, digital devils Kasabian, riot grrrls Sleater-Kinney and Madchester musicians The Stone Roses.

Rush – Moving Pictures [160 MS points per song / 880 for full album / all masters]

Assorted singles [160 MS points per song / all masters]

“Sorrow” – Bad Religion

“She Sells Sanctuary” – The Cult

“Bandages” – Hot Hot Heat

“Shoot the Runner” – Kasabian

“You’re No Rock N’ Roll Fun” – Sleater-Kinney

“Love Spreads” – The Stone Roses