Mega Man 9 retros its way to 60,000 downloads


If you haven’t downloaded Mega Man 9 yet because you’re either waiting for it to come out on the 360 or PS3 or because you have something against awesome 8-bit graphics then get with the program cause, I’m sorry, those are piss poor reasons and 60,000 people would agree with me. Mega Man 9 has become the seventh best selling WiiWare game ever in its first day of being available, and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. It is, at the moment, on par to become the best selling WiiWare title ever in only one week and also to beat out almost every VC title in that time too. I can’t even imagine the numbers for the game when it hits Xbox LIVE and PSN, though I strongly urge everyone to play it on the Wii for various reasons.

So just to reiterate, a ridiculously challenging, graphically gimped, “hardcore” title on the Wii is selling like a history making piece of software. This is good news no matter what system you play on or how much you hate retro gaming because it proves that well designed games can succeed anywhere. It’s even better news for all us adult Wii gamers because it proves that gamer oriented games can sell on the white box of waggle even if they don’t have any waggle at all. Now lets all sit back and watch gaming companies jump on the retro bandwagon until they ruin it with endless loads of crap.