New PlayStation 3 ad confuses us all


The witticisms and creativity of contemporary advertising always make for entertaining viewing. And why shouldn’t advertisers strive to push the envelope and stretch the line between the worlds of advertising and art? Well, it seems like agency TBWA Madrid have found that line and snapped it with this refreshingly surreal, Russian Doll meets Salvador Dali advert for the PlayStation 3.

Now what could be the message here? That inside every fat man there is a young, thin girl waiting to break free? It looks like what TBWA are trying to hint at is that  underneath all the techy geekdom of Sony’s big black box is youth and vibrancy. Not only that, but that Sony want to shed all the old stereotypes of gaming like bad fleshy layers and show that at the heart of their console is something completely converse.

Will these big ideas translate into cold, hard sales? Who knows. But it was fun thinking about it.