The Punisher to show PSN no mercy


Last week there was an image going around the internet-o-sphere supposedly of concept art for a new The Punisher game. For those dusting off their leather trench coats and loading a clip in hot anticipation of having to get revenge on some smart-assed prankster, you can cross that vendetta off the list. Zen Studios (violence is zen, right?) has announced The Punisher: No Mercy, a multiplayer, arena FPS using the Unreal Engine 3 exclusively for PSN.

No screenshots, videos, release date, interpretive dances or braille renderings have been released yet so you and I are most likely in the same boat as far as wondering if a multiplayer, FPS-based game of The Punisher is relevant to our interests. I’d rather get my murder on in the 3rd person, but hey, no one ever mistook me for a game developer, so what do I know? Keep your peepers on the official site as you can bet your bottom dollar there’ll be more information. And maybe, if you’re lucky, sun…I meant guns. Sorry.