Xbox 360 now 6 million strong in Europe

The Xbox 360 has reached 6 million units sold in Europe, Microsoft announced today, accrediting this achievement to the current momentum the system has thanks to the recent price cuts.

“We’re very excited that more consumers in Europe are joining the ever-growing Xbox 360 community. We’re now the best-value next-gen console on the market […] and consumers have clearly responded to that offering,” Chris Lewis, Vice President, Interactive Entertainment Business EMEA, said, adding that Microsoft is supporting the system’s current momentum by putting “launch-level investment” into a European ad campaign that will launch this week. The goal? To show “how Xbox 360 is changing the way consumers experience entertainment.”

Microsoft also reminds that the New Xbox Experience is on the horizon and set for a release later this year which will, and this is marketing at its best, mark the first time “a mass market consumer electronics device has been reinvented through software.”