LBP intro confirms game as greatest ever

I often said to friends back in Nintendo’s dark days that I would buy a Nintendo system just so I could play Mario. To me most Mario games are worth a $200-$300 investment. I know it’s just one game but it’s just that good. I believe the technical term is a system seller. Well after watching the above video of the intro to the LittleBigPlanet Beta I dub it the PS3’s first true system seller. I will pay $500-$600 for this game, hell I might pay that much just to watch someone else play it.

The gameplay in the video is basically a simple tutorial but it’s full of what makes LittleBigPlanet so special. The entire level is constructed out of random objects, the narrator is spot on and if kids aren’t demanding their parents buy them sackboys this holiday season then I will officially announce that I am out of touch with the youth. I love that the intro level is also the opening credits. How frickin’ clever is that!? I must say, I wanted this game before but now I need it. And all from a tutorial.