NBA 2K9 introduces Living Rosters to the court


One thing that sports gamers truly want is their games to be as realistic as possible. Granted, there are still more than a few of us that prefer to play as pirates and ninjas or whatever sport Mario is pulling off this month, but most want a real HD feel like you’re in the game experience.

NBA 2K9 is one step closer to ultra-realism than ever with “Living Rosters.” The new Living Roster system will connect players to the 2009 season in a bold new way. As the season progresses, so do players’ stats and this will now have an impact on how those players play in-game. For example: if an NBA player is on fire and at the top of their game, their character in-game will perform better. This will also unlock new animation packages and new moves for that player as well as updating their offensive and defensive rotations and shift starting lineups.

The Living Roster will be controlled by the new NBA 2K Insider–“a real person working behind the scenes, pouring over the stats and spreadsheets,” as well as interacting with the community and listening to roster update suggestions to give fans what they really want.

Thankfully the Living Roster is a feature that gamers can turn off. This will be especially handy if their favorite players happen to tank this season. What we’re still wondering here at TVGB is that if Ron Artest gets in another fist fight with fans, can we do that in the game then too?