Netflix brings the Disney Channel and CBS to an Xbox 360 near you

For those of you who own a Xbox 360 and plan on using Netflix as your source of HD fun, they have just added two new networks for your enjoyment. So now your Hanna Montana loving sister and CSI: Miami fan boyfriend can sit and watch their shows in all their high definition glory.

Some of the other shows you can expect to see on the roster include the Suite Life on Deck, and NCIS, a full 24 hours after they originally aired. When can you expect to start seeing your favorite guilty pleasures on your system? Some Disney shows will start airing as soon as this week, while others will come as late as November. But don’t think this is just for your younger siblings and forensic-obsessed friends, as Netflix also made a deal so that they can air hundreds of shows from the past. Such shows as Lilo and Stitch: The Series, Star Trek and MacGyver have also been added.

I know, I know, these shows don’t really appeal to me either, but hey, it’s a step foward at least. While this selection may not force you to rush out and get a subscription to Netflix anytime soon, it’s still nice to know they’re trying. Think of it this way: at least you can still watch your favorite movies in HD, which REALLY makes me want to go buy a 360 myself, just for the experience.