Podcast #003 / The Hat Trick

Oh dear readers, if only you knew what kind of luck it takes to record three usable episodes in a row. You see, the world of podcasting is a treacherous one. It’s a world filled technical glitches, dropped calls, and backwoods internet connections (I’m looking at you, Jason). Yet, regardless of all that, we’ve managed to bring you another podcast on our promised weekly interval.

This week Jason, Jeremy and myself run down a whole bunch of news and then spend a good deal of time debating whether or not games have gotten too easy for today’s gaming crowd. Spoiler: There’s alot of “When I was a young man….” talk in this one, so brace yourselves. This week’s musical interludes are provided by Syphon Filter for the PlayStation. Enjoy!

DOWNLOAD EPISODE #003 (MP3, 76min, 69MB)