Bungie countdown leads to teaser video

Yup, that’s right. It’s pretty much a teaser leading to a teaser. At least now the Internet can over analyze every single detail in the video whereas with the countdown all we could do was watch the clock tick down slowly to zero. It seems that what we’ve all been waiting for is the announcement of a new Halo 3 campaign experience. Speculation points to a game or expansion that parallels the events that occurred in Halo 3 since, you know, there was an entire war going on around Master Chief. Who knows though, it could just be an 8-bit game where you shoot asteroids out of the sky. I’m sure both would sell as long as the word Halo was in the title.

We can dissect this video all we want but we here at TVGB are more content to just sit back and let Bungie come to us. They’ll eventually release information on the game and we all eventually go out and play it. I will point out though that there seems to be a hint at when the game may be hitting shelves or when we might get more information as the intrepid Internet video watchers have found the date 1/6/09 hidden in the code in the video. Guess we know when we can stop waiting now.