Damnation developers talk vistas and verticality

Marketing terms are often times quite meaningless or at the very least, greatly exaggerated. Which is just what one might have thought when Codemasters announced the Blue Omega-developed Damnation back in March. The game was touted as “a shooter gone vertical” right off the bat, so it’s only appropriate that we now get a video where people behind the game explain just how vertical they’re trying to take the genre. As it turns out, quite — the developers have ditched the horizontal-only approach we humans tend to favor and have included several thousand feet worth of vertical movement in every level on the game.

As producer Richard Gilbert and lead multiplayer designer Justin Richmond explain, this “adventure-based mechanic of navigation” mixed in with constant shootouts will give the player little time to sit back and relax. Though surely there’ll be enough ‘downtime’ to take in all the vistas with impressive draw distances they’re promoting, right guys? Well, perhaps you better check out the vistas from the new screenhots that were released today right now. Just in case.