Japan gets a White Christmas

The long awaited PS3-exclusive RPG White Knight Story has finally been given a release date… in Japan, at least. According to the latest issue of Weekly Famitsu, Japanese gamers will be dreaming of a White Knight Christmas, as Level 5’s latest offering will hit stores on December 25th.

Level 5 also officially announced the title of the game: Shirokishi Monogatari – Inishie No Kodou, or (loosely translated) White Knight Story – Echoes of the Ancient Past. Judging by the story, it seems that said ‘echoes’ refer to the knights themselves. The knights in the game were developed from the remains of giant knights which destroyed entire ancient civilizations. Sounds pretty cool.

You may have guessed by now that the story didn’t mention any US release date, but my expert skills of foresight suggest that we won’t be seeing it this year, you know, in the six days of 2008 that remain after X-mas. Seriously, though, it’ll take some time to translate this epic, but I would bet that it’ll hit stateside before holiday 2009.