Kojima to create something new that no one has seen before

Outspoken claims by game developers are not something new. Just ask the oh so pure Peter Molyneux. However, when Hideo Kojima tells you that with his next game he wants “to create something new, and it’s difficult to explain since no one’s seen it before” you have to sit up and listen because the man has pretty much done that two or three times over. It gets even more interesting when he follows that up with, “I don’t know if it would sell very well. I’ve been warming this up for a long time, and I keep thinking that I’ll try this idea. But ideas always change, so I really don’t know what the final outcome will be.”

Well I’m intrigued beyond belief, especially since he seems pretty dead set on not participating in MGS5. Earlier in the same interview with 1up he discussed how desperately he wants his young team to come up with some great ideas for the next Metal Gear game so that he doesn’t have to. Despite this he has three ideas out there, he just wants the team’s ideas to be better than his so he doesn’t have to come back. In all honesty, I have to agree with him. I want to see Kojima’s mind wrapping around something other than MGS and delivering something that once again revolutionizes how we look at games. From the interview he seems to have some major reservations about letting the staff take the game over, but he needs to let that go and start working on something even more amazing to blow us all away.

Also he’s sorry for the whole Konami ID thing and would like everyone to know that it wasn’t his fault.