Banjo-Kazooie XBLA gets a touch-up

Despite its still super-blocky graphical design, the new (old) Banjo adventure set to drop on XBLA is looking much better than its original incarnation. Banjo was one of the highlights of owning an N64 oh so many years ago and Microsoft is hoping to transfer that magic to the Xbox 360, and it might just work. While the N64 had many great platformers, the camera was a never-ending issue due to the fact that you had but one analog stick which was relegated to controlling your character. With the 360’s dual sticks, it might make the whole experience much smoother, and therefore more enjoyable.

Banjo is set to land on the virtual shelves the 26th of November, just in time to be ignored by all the gamers who are still trying to find thier way through the towering stacks of AAA games that are poised for release this holiday season. It’s a shame if this title really does get over-looked because it comes highly recommended…by me anyway.