Eye Candy Recap / September 26

Eye Candy Recap is a periodically updated feature detailing the latest additions to our Image Galleries.

When it comes to announcing a new game, D3 seems to know how to get people interested — they’ve been releasing information about a fictional Matt Hazard franchise for the last number of weeks, topping it off this week by releasing screenshots from those games, screenshots which we kind of hope are real, though the truth is we don’t really know. What D3 needs to do now is prove that they also know how to keep people interested, and the only way they can do that is come out and say what it is exactly that they’re hyping up here. Hopefully the coming week will shed some light on this thing so we wouldn’t have to run stories with titles like this in the future.

But, this is an Eye Candy Recap, so let’s get to the actual eye candy, eh? Next to the Matt Hazard images, our galleries have also been updated with some rather wicked new Dead Space artwork, the first screens from the recently announced PSN-exclusive The Punisher, and some straight-out-of-the-oven shots of the New Xbox Experience that show off the theme possibilities of the 360’s new interface. Although, if you prefer to look at this update from a ‘whose is bigger’ point of view then The Last Remnant, with its 70 new additions, wins without contest.

New Xbox Experience7 new additions
The Punisher: No Mercy3 new additions
Damnation5 new additions
Dead Space16 new additions
MotorStorm Pacific Rift9 new additions
The Last Remnant70 new additions
Rise of the Argonauts10 new additions
Matt Hazard10 new additions