So Blonde writer nominated for award


We put up a post a while back because we randomly received a press release about So Blonde, and despite our initial reaction to the game (ignore it), we dug deeper and upon further inspection it seemed the thing was actually an adventure game in the vein of the classic LucasArts games out there. We still haven’t played it but it seems our theory might be right as Steve Ince, the writer for the game, has been nominated for the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain 2008 Awards. His script for this PC Adventure game was shortlisted in the category “Best videogame script”. Clever and interesting writing is the most important part of an adventure game so So Blonde is becoming even more tempting — for me at least.

Then again these are only the best of the British writers so in the grand scheme of things maybe not the best writing of the year, though they do seem to appreciate comedy with Overlord also getting a nod on the shortlist. Does this convince anyone to go out and buy the game or does the upcoming holiday rush have you hording all your money like Scrooge McDuck so you can actually afford to buy $130 limited editions.