The dark side of the moon gets shown off

Renegade Kid is a developer I like to keep my eye on since their release of Dementium: The Ward on the DS. The game had its flaws but it definitely pushed the little DS and brought it some great FPS action, which is something the system does really well if the game is designed right. As such, Moon has been a pretty intriguing game, and with the new trailer above we get to see some of the action in it. Looks like Renegade Kid is taking the DS FPS even further this time with a bit more detail in their graphics and a more open world. Not to mention the addition of vehicles to the game.

Not sure why the video looks like it’s slightly in fast forward but maybe they just wanted to show everything off as quick as possible. While the graphics aren’t going to blow anyone away, they do look solid for the DS and the space setting definitely gives me a Doom vibe, though the art direction is no where near it. The story is also a bit Doom like, with a group of scientists unlocking a door they discover on the moon and releasing something sinister behind it. Fine, it’s almost exactly like Doom, but how many portable shooters do you have in your travel case? That’s what I thought.