Ubisoft launches video series for EndWar

As the November 4th release of Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy-branded RTS, EndWar, nears, the push towards making sure that date is pounded into the heads of war junkies worldwide has begun. Leading up to the game’s release, Ubisoft will release a series of eight videos detailing the World War III-themed game, the first two of which — titled “Combat Chain” and “Voice Command” — have already been released.

While the “Combat Chain” video (above) shows off and details the game’s seven classes — riflemen, combat engineers, tanks, gunships, transports, artillery, and command vehicles — it’s the “Voice Command” one that presents the game’s strongest and most talked about selling point — the voice controls that allow the player to control everything on the battlefield verbally. I imagine there’s nothing like putting on a military cap, lighting up a cigar and confidently pacing back and forth while yelling orders at your TV. As it happens, that’s exactly what you might get the chance to do even before the game hits store shelves as we’ve been promised some tokens for the EndWar VIP demo (as well as some very limited EndWar swag) that we’ll be giving away soon, so stay tuned.