New Xbox Experience detailed….kind of

So most of you probably know that Xbox LIVE will be going dark Monday in order to make way for the new LIVE experience. Don’t worry, it’s just for the day and you’ll be able to continue fragging on Tuesday. But, what exactly am I supposed to with my time then? Don’t tell me to go outside, I’ve tried that and it ended up with me trying to collect coins from an overturned box. Well if you have the Internet, which you do since you’re reading this, you can go to a new flash site set up by Microsoft.

The website details the New Xbox Experience by simulating the actual dashboard. While it doesn’t really tell us anything new, it does have some Microsoft PR videos that highlight the Avatar and friends features. It’s pretty nifty, and might just put off your boredom for 10 minutes. If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, you could always just go outside and get some fresh air…if you are lame. The new dashboard is still scheduled for a vague “late fall” release date.