Coming soon: EA games on Android


Google announced last week that it is ready to bring the fight to Apple with its Android operating system. However if Google really wants to pose a serious threat to the iPhone, especially as far as games are concerned, then it will need a strong portfolio of applications backed by talented developers and publishers.

Both Glu Mobile and Namco have announced that they will be releasing titles via Android. However, because the Android Market offers applications free of charge there is less incentive for other firms to release on the platform.

EA has announced that it too will be jumping on the bandwagon and releasing titles on Android, but not initially. Speaking to Pocket Gamer, a spokesperson for the company said: “EA will support the Android platform, as any platform that can deliver a robust game experience is good for introducing new consumers to mobile games. EA Mobile has elected to wait for the launch of a content billing solution to bring their premier IP to market.”

So basically they’re waiting till they can squeeze a little money out of this one before they’ll fully commit. However, there is the off-chance that they’ll release one or two smaller titles for free before they let loose the “premier IP” with its premier price.