Cross Platform Podcast #004 / Coming of Age

Download podcast #004 / They grow up so fast don’t they? Yes, this week marks a milestone for the show in that we actually have a name! We’re not longer merely the greatest podcast on the webz, but now we’re the podcast with the greatest name as well. From now on, we’ll answer to the “Cross Platform Podcast” name, but you can still call us “sweetie” if you want. *Wink*

This week’s show brings you the past week in gaming news as well as an in-depth discussion of the lesser-mentioned effects that game resale shops have on developers’ decisions while creating the games we know and love.

Also, we’d love to get some more feedback from our listeners so we’re launching a giveaway! That’s right, we’re giving away a copy of the freshest retro game on the market, Mega Man 9, for the platform of your choosing. All you have to do to be eligible is download our podcast, enjoy the living hell out of it, and then post in the comments section below or in our Community Discussions feedback page letting us know what you thought. Alternatively, you can also enter by post a question for us to answer. We’ll announce the winner on next week’s show, at which point we’ll be in contact with you through your email. Good luck!

DOWNLOAD PODCAST #004 (MP3, 75min, 69MB)