EA teams up with Zack Snyder


It must be nice to have clout not only in the gaming industry but in the world of film too. EA seems to be steadily building a collection of top name directors who want to work with them. First it was Stephen Spielberg, who released Boom Blox and is working on two other games, and today we get word that Zack Snyder has signed on to a three game deal with the company. Snyder is the visually pleasing director of 300 and the remake of The Dawn of the Dead (one of my favorite horror films). He’s also about to release Watchmen. Spartans, zombies and superheores — yea, this guy belongs in gaming without a doubt.

There’s no word what his games will be, especially since we don’t even know what Spielberg’s other games are. However, if he’s going to be bringing his own style to the games I hope they do a bit more with the Wii than Boom Blox did. Don’t get me wrong, I love Boom Blox, but it didn’t actually seem to have that much to do with Mr. Spielberg. The thing that gives me hope is that they’re already discussing franchising the games into movies, which leads me to believe there will a bit more depth than Boom Blox in them. So do you think he’ll actually be making interesting games or is EA just tacking another directors name onto some games they were going to be putting out anyway?