Environmentally speaking about Bond

One of the best partsos about playing a game based on a movie you love, and too often the only good part, is getting to run around the world the movie takes place in. Recognizing a corridor or actually playing through a certain area still gives me a stupid little rush, like I’m actually in the movie. So the next video from the land of 007 gaming is all about just that: discussing the environments and how they’ve been morphed into the game.

I wish they went into a bit more detail in these videos because I feel they’re just scratching the surface of all the awesome stuff they’re doing, but I guess they have a time limit. Sounds like they put plenty of time into nailing the look from the movies though. Thousands of photos! I’d have been good with ten or so. I was actually more excited to see a bit more of the construction site level as that is one of my favorite scenes in Casino Royale and I can’t wait to play through it. Hopefully the third person stuff will work just as well as the FPS portions which have already been proven by CoD4.