Get in the mood for Halloween with Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches

We may have lost Deadly Creatures as a Halloween release, but Got Game Entertainment has plenty of creepy, crawlies and spooks in store with Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches for PC. Created by Arberth Studios of West Wales, Rhiannon is a puzzle-filled point-and-click adventure based on the classic Welsh “Four Branches” legends.

The Sullivan family has just purchased Ty Pryderi (House of Pryderi), “an ancient and mystery-shrouded farmstead of the Celtic fringes of Britain.” Here, among the chaos of renovations and restorations players must embark on an investigation into mysterious happenings and the disturbing visions of 15 year old Rhiannon Sullivan. Her parents take Rhiannon away and leave players to figure out what is going on, but soon players see that, unless they can solve the mystery, the only thing awaiting the Sullivan family is an age-old grudge, revenge and death.

The above video is somewhat uninspiring, giving little ideas about the puzzles, basic graphics and not nearly enough spooks for a ghost story. However, Got Game promises Rhiannon will be “a feast for lovers of ghost stories, mysteries, folklore and puzzles,” so hopefully this teaser held back the real meat of the game. With an ESRB of just $29.99, this may be a puzzler’s must have when it hits October 5th.