How not to skate in Skate 2

Sports games usually stick to characters in the game participating in whatever sport the game is about and not doing anything else. Football (note: not soccer) has people playing football. Soccer has people playing soccer. Tennis has people playing tennis. It should follow than that a skateboarding game should solely have people skateboarding, but as we can see from the video above, Skate 2 does not follow logic. Players can now get of their skateboard at pretty much any time they want to and it looks damn cool if you ask me. The game will also allow them to move objects in the world by pushing and pulling them to create perfect routes to pull off stunts.

It’s a radical departure from the norm. What’s next? Strolling down the sidelines watching a football game going on as your player sits out? Being able to throw your racket down in anger during a tennis match or maybe even being able to walk into the soccer goal in a soccer game? Who knows, maybe the next Tiger Woods game will have golf kart driving action! In all seriousness though, this is just another awesome feature that shows how the Skate series is trying to bring fresh ideas to the stale world of skateboarding games. Anything that lets players kick skateboards into other peoples heads is fine with me.