Update / Oh boy! A new DS to keep your hands busy

…too bad it isn’t coming to the States or Europe just yet (just when you got all happy, the truth had to come crashing). This new model will be hitting Japanese stores later this year, and packs a few punches to the PSP with some cool new features like improved wi-fi.

A few other nice additions will be a built in camera, and SD card support. But don’t fret, the system will still have the two screens and such, because c’mon, it would be degrading to take away that luxury of having two screens to strain your eyes with even more. There’s still one thing that is unclear: whether it will have two touch-screens, or just the one. but I’m sure this will be cleared up in a short while.

If owners of this new DS have an SD card, they will be able to play their music on the system, making use of its new music playback capabilities. People can also share their info on the SD with those who own a Wii, which is pretty interesting if you ask me.

Don’t worry, while this is coming out in Japan first, this doesn’t mean they’re going to be the only ones to experience the fun. Nintendo does plan on an overseas release, so don’t throw your current one out the door just yet.

Update: Looks like it might not be true or Nintendo doesn’t want its big announcement getting out before its important press conferences coming up.