Play magazine says “prepare to be a bit bored” by Home


Speaking on their official blog, videogame magazine Play have been sharing their thoughts on PlayStation Home, Sony’s social networking tool/game launcher/whatever it is they’ll end up calling it. Having obtained access to the closed beta earlier in the summer, the UK-based PlayStation-centric magazine spent the past few months trying out its various features. Although they didn’t know what to expect from Home, it seems that they’ve found it a little underwhelming.

Entering Home Square was, in Play’s view, “like walking into some kind of nightmarish, Sony-generated Dystopia”. They also warn players to “prepare to be a bit bored” by what Home has to offer. However, aside from subjectiveness of opinion, it also appears that there may be a few technical issues, “For every new building that we entered, a 30-50mb additional update was needed,” Play comments. It seems odd that the developers felt an initial 200mb file with an additional download per building was the way to go.

On a brighter note, it appears that fans of the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four might look upon it more favorably. Home, according to Play, “seemed a bit…Orwellian”. Time to make that Winston Smith PSN account before someone else does.